Friday, February 4, 2011

I Am Back, Finally!

I have always, always had trouble finishing things. I don't know if you want to call it ADD, procrastination, avoidance or sometimes just plain laziness. I do however plan to complete this, my journey to manifest. Although I did take a short hiatus from writing, I am here again today.

Today, like most days I was up before the sun. It is very quiet in my house in those moments before the sun rises. In those few moments of stillness I have some time to myself to think. So in the midst of my solitude I had a thought, it seemed as if somebody or something was whispering it in my ear. My head was filled with these words; WE ARE BROKEN DOWN ONLY TO BE REBUILT AGAIN...WE ARE BROKEN DOWN ONLY TO BE REBUILT AGAIN...

I know that we have heard these words a million times before, all of the old adages have been repeated countless times. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...You can only make a real breakthrough once you have had a breakdown....and so on and so forth. I understand that they all sound so cliched, but I guess they are really true. This has been a really rough year for me and I have never been more determined to see it through this storm. So I thought to myself today, it is possible to rebuild, it is possible to rise again, it is possible to have all that I dream.

I am constantly reminded of the miracles that surround me in my life. I look at Blaise and all of his accomplishments and it quickly puts me back into check. So I think if my little 4 year old son can climb any mountain, then so can I.

I have been avoiding, denying, and procrastinating way too much lately. I have made a conscience decision to face all that is in my path, no matter how uncomfortable or stressful. I have convinced myself that if I accept my life and circumstances, face my fears, and handle my business I will succeed. I haven't come this far to quit now.

What are you manifesting today?